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awesome_print_lite 0.1.0

Subset of Awesome print functionality for Opal.

1,555 下载

awesome_print_motion 0.1.0

Great RubyMotion dubugging companion: pretty print RubyMotion objects to visualize thei...

8,140 下载

awesome_pry 0.0.1

Replaces your application's console with pry powered by awesome_print.

26,917 下载

awesome-pry 0.0.4

Pry with useful gems included and some debugger shortcuts

5,203 下载

awesomer 1.1.1

Awesomer is a ruby library for interacting with the +awesome+ window manager. It replac...

17,049 下载

awesome_rails_console 0.4.3

Enhance rails console by using awesome_print, pry and several pry plugins. And useful p...

76,513 下载

awesome_rails_flash_messages 0.0.2

DO NOT USE: This is an example of hacking Rails apps using a gem. For each request, it ...

3,342 下载

awesomesauce 0.1.0

Rack middleware for replacing the word awesome with synonyms.

3,419 下载

awesome_scrub 1.0.1

Wrap String#scrub preventing Invalid byte sequence in UTF-8.

5,750 下载

awesome_search 1.1.0

Organize complicated search results

7,189 下载

awesome_sms 0.0.2


3,674 下载

awesome_sort 0.3.2

This gem should make the creation of responsive sortable tables much easier.

853 下载

awesome_spawn 1.4.1

AwesomeSpawn is a module that provides some useful features over Ruby's Kernel.spawn.

223,492 下载

awesome_sr_gem 0.0.0

awesome_sr_gem is the best

275 下载

awesome_tables 0.0.6

A gem for creating awesome, consistently styled tables

13,072 下载

awesome_translations 0.0.58

Semi-automatic maintenance of most translations in a Rails app.

76,639 下载

awesome_type 0.0.1

The implementation of some types with Ruby.

228 下载

awesome_usps 0.9.0

Ruby wrapper for the various USPS APIs

10,557 下载

awesome_votes 0.1.0


1,950 下载

awesome_xml 1.2.0

Have XML data that you want to bend to your willand conform to your schema? This gem is...

19,576 下载

awesomplete 0.0.6

Add awesomplete assets to your Rails app assets path. Based on http://leaverou.github.i...

13,557 下载

awestruct 0.5.7

Awestruct is a static site baking and publishing tool. It supports an extensive list of...

310,899 下载

awestruct-ibeams 0.4.2

Collection of helpful Awestruct extensions and helpers

117,668 下载

awestructx 0.4.1

Awestruct is a framework for creating static HTML sites.

7,103 下载

awetestlib 1.2.4

Features robust and flexible reporting.

154,844 下载

awful 0.0.185

AWS cmdline and yaml loader.

168,205 下载

aw-highstock_rails 7.0.3

Wrapper for Highstock charting plugin

939 下载

awhyte-rtex 2.1.3

LaTeX preprocessor for PDF generation; Rails plugin

3,478 下载

awis4ruby 0.9.0

== FEATURES/PROBLEMS: * Up-to-date Ruby client * Allows simple access to most popular ...

6,612 下载

awis-sdk-ruby 1.1.2

Ruby - Amazon Alexa Web Information Service Library (AWIS)

8,053 下载