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Welcome to, the Ruby community's gem hosting service. The purpose of this project is three-fold:

  1. Provide a better API for dealing with gems
  2. Create more transparent and accessible project pages
  3. Enable the community to improve and enhance the site

The project was started in April 2009 by Nick Quaranto, and has since grown to include the contributions of over 350 Rubyists and millions of gem downloads. As of the RubyGems 1.3.6 release, the site has been renamed to from Gemcutter to solidify the site's central role in the Ruby community.

Although is not run by one specific company, plenty have helped us out so far. The current design, illustrations, and front-end development of this site were created by DockYard. GitHub has also been invaluable for helping us collaborate and share code easily. The site started on Heroku, whose great service helped prove RubyGems as a viable solution that the whole community could rely on. Our infrastructure is currently hosted on AWS.

Some insights into the technical aspects of the site: It's 100% Ruby. The main site is a Rails application. Gems are hosted on Amazon S3, served by Fastly, and the time between publishing a new gem and having it ready for installation is usually just a few seconds. For more info, please check out the code, which is MIT licensed over at GitHub.

Looking for our logo?

Just select the download button and you'll get three .PNGs and an .SVG of the RubyGems logo all for yourself.