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axon-http 0.1.4

Axon/NATS HTTP bridge.

3,161 下载

axon-nats 0.2.0

A simple NATS wrapper which uses JSON

1,358 下载

axpert_rs232 1.0.3

Simplify communicating with a Voltronics Axpert range inverter

4,543 下载

axtags 0.1.0

Flexible, extensible custom tag and template framework with safe execution and HTML-lik...

2,740 下载

axtell 0.1.2

Gem creation example

298 下载

axtreme_view_tool 0.1.0

Provides generated HTML data fir rails applications

558 下载


Adds WSDL/SOAP and XML-RPC web service support to Action Pack

3,882 下载

axtro-acts-as-taggable-on 2.0.6

With ActsAsTaggableOn, you could tag a single model on several contexts, such as skills...

8,410 下载

axtro-ar_mailer 2.2.0

Even delivering email to the local machine may take too long when you have to send hund...

10,224 下载

axtro-aws-ses 0.4.4

Client library for Amazon's Simple Email Service's REST API

3,289 下载


Interface for working with Request Tracker (RT) tickets inspired by ActiveRecord.

13,131 下载


The rubber plugin enables relatively complex multi-instance deployments of RubyOnRails ...

44,864 下载

axtro-rvideo 0.9.6

Inspect and transcode video and audio files.

3,915 下载

AXTyper 0.8.0

Simulate keyboard input via the Mac OS X Accessibility Framework. This gem is a compone...

16,453 下载

axu-i18n-timezones 1.3.1

The purpose of this gem is to simply provide timezone translations. The gem is intended...

2,200 下载

ayadn 4.0.3 command-line client: toolbox to access and manage your ADN data, show your stre...

106,356 下载

ayah_integration 0.6.3

Integrate the CAPTCHA alternative human verification into your Ruby/Ra...

34,042 下载

ayanami 0.1.1

A Telegram Bot API that focuses on simplicity

786 下载


WebDriver-backed Watir

3,789 下载

aye 0.0.0


1,843 下载

aye_commander 1.1.1

A gem that helps to write commands in ruby.

8,174 下载

aygabtu 0.3.0

Feature test generator for GET requests, using Capybara and RSpec

4,539 下载

ayi 0.0.5

Ayi does house-keeping.

9,304 下载

ayl 0.4.0

Invoke code At Your Leisure. ayl is a small framework that simplifies the process of im...

13,836 下载

ayl-beanstalk 0.4.1

Ayl extension to provide beanstalk support for applications requiring async processing.

29,780 下载

aylien_news_api 1.0.0

AYLIEN News API is the most powerful way of sourcing, searching and syndicating analyze...

6,380 下载

aylien_text_api 0.8.0

AYLIEN Text Analysis API is a package of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learni...

31,003 下载

ayl-rails 0.3.0

Partner to ayl to allow ActiveRecord after_* hooks to be made asynchronous.

17,197 下载

ayn-flickr_fu 0.3.9

Provides a ruby interface to flickr via the REST api

6,137 下载

ayril 0.1.2

An XML library for MacRuby that is built on top of Cocoa NSXML classes

6,033 下载