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Ruby - Amazon Alexa Web Information Service Library (AWIS)

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awis-wrapper 3.0.0

Easy to use, to navigate around the response

15,515 下载

awkward 1.0.0

Awkward helps you walk your Object Graph and output a dot file suitable for viewing in ...

3,829 下载

awkward_turtle 0.0.4

An animated awkward turtle for your terminal

14,668 下载

awlify 0.0.2

this takes a string, searching for any words that have AWL synonyms, then randomly subs...

1,691 下载

awl_tags_twitter 1.0.2

Grab tags from The Awl posts and tweet them out. This isn't anything crazy

3,800 下载

awonwon 0.0.2

Try To Make A Ruby Gem

3,676 下载

awoo 0.0.0

A placeholder until I come up with a better use for the namespace.

769 下载

awrence 1.1.0

Have you ever needed to automatically convert Ruby-style snake_case to CamelCase or cam...

143,824 下载

aws 2.10.2

AWS Ruby Library for interfacing with Amazon Web Services including EC2, S3, SQS, Simpl...

1,916,061 下载

aws2sshconfig 0.0.1

Generate SSH configs from AWS info

1,873 下载

aws3upload 1.0.7

Simple aws s3 upload app

5,307 下载

aws4 0.0.2

The approach is HTTP library agnostic, so you must supply method, uri, headers, and body

89,153 下载

aws4-nycda 0.0.1

The approach is HTTP library agnostic, so you must supply method, uri, headers, and body

1,466 下载

aws4_signer 0.2.1

Simple signer module implements AWS4 signature

15,372 下载

aws_access_key_scan 0.1

Scans your computer for easy to find AWS Access Keys

2,322 下载

aws_account_number 0.3.1

You can get AWS Account Number by AWS API

4,690 下载

aws_account_utils 0.1.4

A set of helper methods that are webdriven.

4,567 下载

awsadm 0.1.1

Manage your AWS resources from the command-line.

884 下载

aws_agcod 0.1.0

Amazon Gift Code On Demand (AGCOD) API v2 implementation for ...

39,476 下载

aws_agcod_2 1.1.1

Amazon Gift Code On Demand (AGCOD) API v2 implementation for distributing Amazon gift c...

818 下载

aws-alert-monitor 0.1.0

I watch an SQS queue and escalate alert messages.

14,164 下载

awsam 0.2.1

Amazon Web Services Account Manager (modeled after 'rvm')

8,860 下载

aws-ami 0.0.9

A tool for creating AWS AMI from a base AMI and an install packages script

12,272 下载


AWS Architect is a ruby gem to configure and deploy AWS-based microservices.

1,478 下载

aws_as_code 1.0.6

Provides a way to track your AWS infrastructure as a code in your version control system.

4,736 下载

aws-asg-fleet 0.1.0

AWS Auto Scaling Fleets

11,730 下载

aws_assume_role 1.2.2

Used to fetch multiple AWS Role Credential Keys using different Session Keys and store ...

40,023 下载

aws_auditor 0.1.3

Helps with AWS configuration

7,550 下载

aws-auth 0.9.1

Rack middleware that provides AWS (Amazon Web Services) style authentication.

7,135 下载