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aws-sessionstore-dynamodb 1.0.0

The Amazon DynamoDB Session Store handles sessions for Ruby web applications using a Dy...

13,326 下载

aws_session_token 0.6.0

Tool to wrap AWS API to create and store Session tokens so that other commands/tools (e...

2,036 下载

awssh 0.3.2

aws ssh wrapper

28,162 下载

aws-signature-v4 0.2.0

Executes AWS Signature Version 4 Signing Process as explained at

1,618 下载

aws_signer 0.1.0

Utility to create signed URLs for uploading files straight to Amazon S3.

2,926 下载

aws-sigv2 1.0.1

Amazon Web Services Signature Version 2 signing ligrary. Generates sigv2 signature for ...

25,414,075 下载

aws-sigv4 1.1.3

Amazon Web Services Signature Version 4 signing library. Generates sigv4 signature for ...

173,557,385 下载

aws_site_monitor 0.1.3

Monitor sites hosted on AWS, restart ec2 machines when they go down

1,679 下载

aws_sms 0.5.0

A simple wrapper for sending SMS via AWS SNS

3,260 下载

aws_sns_kit 0.0.2

Easy integration for AWS SNS.

11,511 下载

aws_sns_manager 0.0.1

Utility for Amazon Simple Notification Service

9,613 下载

aws_sns_publisher 0.0.0

publishing sns via http.

3,318 下载

aws_sns_subscription 1.0.4

Easy confirmation of Amazon SNS subscription requests in Rails apps

20,910 下载

aws-spec-etl 0.1.5

Refactor tests generated by awspec generate tool in order to make them more generic. i....

1,700 下载

aws-spec-generator 0.2.7

Wrapper for awspec generate

13,545 下载

aws_sqs_moniter 0.0.6

AWS SQS Moniter.

7,741 下载

awsssh 3.1.1

This will connects you with an EC2 instace

16,211 下载

aws_ssh 0.1.7

Autogenerates an SSH config file built from and AWS environment

12,768 下载

aws-ssh 1.2.0

A tool that makes easy to ssh into AWS EC2 servers

5,484 下载

aws_ssh_key 0.1.0

Library to manage ssh keys stored in AWS encrypted parameter store

773 下载

aws-ssh-resolver 0.0.4

Update OpenSSH config file to map EC2 instance name in CloudFormation to DNS-name on ...

3,867 下载

aws-ssm-console 0.2.3


4,941 下载

aws-ssm-env 0.1.1

Set parameters acquired from AWS EC2 Parameter Store as environment variables.

208,945 下载

awsstack 0.2.2

AWS stack handling helper script.

1,276 下载

aws_stack_builder 0.1.0

Gem to create the cloud formation files do create the ROR app stack on AWS

451 下载

aws_status 1.0.3

Retrieve status of aws services

4,475 下载

aws-sts 0.1.0

This tool allows you to a assume an AWS role using short-lived credentials, it follows ...

178 下载

aws_student_accounts 0.2.0

Manage student AWS accounts in bulk

3,380 下载

aws-study-guide 0.0.1

A helpful gem for gathering resources for studying for AWS certfication.

877 下载

aws_su 0.1.8

Developed for a specific use case: User has an AWS id in a master account and wants to ...

2,784 下载