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ablab-core 0.2.1

Ablab - A/B testing library

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able 0.1.6

Here you can find some concern methods you use almost in each one project.

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able_git_hooks 0.12.0

Adds scripts in .git/hooks to call scripts in the root hooks directory

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able-neo4j 1.0.0

This gem is a logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...

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ablerc 0.2.1

Provides cascading configuration files and helpers for generating configuration stubs.

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ably 1.1.1

A Ruby client library for realtime messaging

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ably-rest 1.1.0

A Ruby REST only client library for realtime messaging

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ab_my_string_extend 0.0.1

descrizione di prova

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abn 2.1.1

a (very) small library for working with Australian Business Numbers.

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abnc 0.1.0

Shifty support for tools based on IETF's ABNF

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abneed_palindrome 0.1.0

Learn Enough Ruby palindrome detector

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abnf 0.0.1

An Augmented Backus Naur form parser in Ruby.

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abnf-parser 0.9.2

abnf-parser allows you to compile ABNF (Augmented Backus-Naur Form) into rule lists tha...

7,320 下载

abnf-parsing 0.2.2

A Ruby library for implementing parsers specified with Augmented Backus Naur Form (ABNF).

27,696 下载

abnftt 0.1.1

Less shifty support for tools based on IETF's ABNF

237 下载

abnormal 0.0.0

Ruby A/B testing

8,902 下载

abn_search 0.0.9

A simple ABN search library for validating and obtaining ABN details from the Australia...

46,100 下载

abn_validator 0.1.0

Rails validator for Australian Business Numbers

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ABO 0.0.2

RUBY ABO banking format library

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aboardly 0.2

IFTTT for automated customer emailing

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aboie 0.9.0

A gem for facebook messanger api

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aboisvert_aws 3.0.1

== DESCRIPTION: The RightScale AWS gems have been designed to provide a robust, fast, ...

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abokifx_indexer 0.1.3

Ruby Wrapper to get NGN rates from

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abongo 1.0.8

Ruby A/B testing on MongoDB

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abort_if 0.2.0

Easy error logging and assertions..

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about 0.1.0

about - sys info (system information) about your computer, environment, runtime, libs, ...

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about_p 0.0.4

Fuzzy string searching at about p

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about_page 0.3.1

Description of AboutPage.

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about_pos 2.0.0

Whenever I loop through an array, there are times I wish I could know what comes be...

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about_yml 0.0.10

The .about.yml mechanism allows an project to publish and maintain metadata that can be...

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