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abracadabra 1.2.0

Abracadabra: The gem that swaps out text with a fully-compliant Rails form in one click...

45,154 下载

abraebare 0.0.1


2,372 下载

abraham 1.3

Trackable application tours for Rails with i18n support, based on Shepherd.js.

6,971 下载

abrakabuki 0.0.1

Testing out a thing.

374 下载

abrasf-desif 2.0.1

Tables of DES-IF

3,564 下载

abricot 0.2

Fast cloud command dispatcher tool with Redis pub/sub

6,134 下载

abril_heartbeat 1.1.1

This GEM is a middleware which adds a heartbeat route to your Apps, a route which check...

7,418 下载

abrio 0.0.5

Client ruby para o encurtador

10,100 下载

abrizer 0.6.0

Creates adaptive bitrate streams and other delivery derivatives.

4,572 下载

abr_lookup 0.1.1

An ABN / ACN lookup utility that includes middleware

17,154 下载

abroad 4.6.0

A set of parsers and serializers for dealing with localization file formats.

22,891 下载

abrt 0.3.0

Provides ABRT reporting support for libraries/applications written using Ruby.

40,184 下载

ab_rules 1.0.1

A light weight ruby AB test library based on rules

3,407 下载

abrupt 1.0.1

Tools for the AbRUPt project.

12,193 下载

absa-esd 0.0.3

A ruby interface to commumicate with the ABSA Electronic Statement Delivery platform.

25,313 下载

absa-h2h 0.1.11

The interface supports Account holder verifications, EFT payments, Debit orders, collec...

83,440 下载

absa-notify-me 0.0.7

This is just a rapidly prototyped proof of concept gem for bankserv gem and those ...

55,189 下载

abscondment-rubyvor 0.1.2

RubyVor provides efficient computation of Voronoi diagrams and Delaunay triangulation f...

2,937 下载

abscondment-statistics2 0.54

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

3,440 下载

abscss 0.0.1

Breadth first search an HTML page and spit out all the branches of the tree as CSS sele...

18,658 下载

absee 1.1.1

.ab1 reader / ABIF reader; extracts the peak indexes, called sequence, quality scores, ...

59,472 下载

absentee_camper 0.0.7

Monitors a Campfire room for @mentions, and emails the @mentioned user with the message...

43,398 下载

absgit 0.3.0

This gem contains a program which allows one to manipulate files in a Git repository fr...

21,211 下载

absinthe 0.0.3

Not yet suitable for production use!

12,783 下载

absolute 0.0.5

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

34,574 下载

absolutely 1.1.2

Convert relative paths to absolute URIs.

1,507 下载

AbsoluteRenamer 1.1.2

AbsoluteRenamer is a very powerful tool that helps files and directories renaming using...

120,257 下载

AbsoluteRenamer-date 0.1.0

AbsoluteRenamer extension that provides date functions (such as NOW or file date, ...) ...

9,813 下载

AbsoluteRenamer-system 0.1.0

AbsoluteRenamer extension that provides system informations (such as username, OS name,...

10,469 下载

absolute_time 1.0.0

This gem provides a monotonically increasing timer to permit safe measurement of time i...

186,567 下载