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aboongm_rulers 0.1.0

A Rack-based MVC web framework

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abo_parser 1.0.9

This gem is a parser/export for the ABO bank statements and payment orders.

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abort_if 0.2.0

Easy error logging and assertions..

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abot-info 0.2.8

Abot Info

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abot-whitelist 0.3.2

Abot whitelist

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about 0.1.0

about - sys info (system information) about your computer, environment, runtime, libs, ...

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aboutarray 0.1.1

this gem will try to reduce the use of lines of your code when you are trying to find h...

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about_p 0.0.4

Fuzzy string searching at about p

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about_page 0.3.1

Description of AboutPage.

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about_pos 2.0.0

Whenever I loop through an array, there are times I wish I could know what comes be...

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about_yml 0.0.10

The .about.yml mechanism allows an project to publish and maintain metadata that can be...

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aboutyou-sdk 0.0.32

Use the Ruby SDK to build apps for the ABOUT YOU platform.

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ab_panel 0.4.4

Run A/B test experiments on your Rails 4+ site using Mixpanel as a backend.

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a_b_plugin 0.1.0

Talk to a_b from your Rails or Sinatra app

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abprof 0.2.3

Determine which of two program variants is faster, using A/B-Testing-style statistical ...

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abr 0.1.8

multiple request ab(apache bench)

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abra 1.0.2

Abra is a Ruby tool to parse Android APK information.

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abracadabra 1.2.0

Abracadabra: The gem that swaps out text with a fully-compliant Rails form in one click...

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abraCadabstrax_palindrome 0.1.0

Palindrome detector

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abraebare 0.0.1


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abraham 2.6.1

Trackable application tours for Rails with i18n support, based on Shepherd.js.

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abraham_palindrome 0.1.0

learn enough Ruby palindrome detector

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abrakabuki 0.0.2

Testing a few things here and there

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abrasf-desif 2.0.1

Tables of DES-IF

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abricot 0.2

Fast cloud command dispatcher tool with Redis pub/sub

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abril_heartbeat 1.1.1

This GEM is a middleware which adds a heartbeat route to your Apps, a route which check...

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abrio 0.0.5

Client ruby para o encurtador

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abrizer 0.6.0

Creates adaptive bitrate streams and other delivery derivatives.

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abr_lookup 0.1.1

An ABN / ACN lookup utility that includes middleware

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abroad 4.6.0

A set of parsers and serializers for dealing with localization file formats.

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